Gender: Female

I am Christina and I work at the ESPN as a First Contact Physiotherapist (FCP). 

I am a qualified Advanced Physiotherapist Practitioner, I have an MSc in Advanced Physiotherapy – Manual Therapy from University of Salford, specialised in McKenzie method of Mechanical Diagnosis and Therapy (MDT), Maitland principles and also certified in Mezieres postural approach method. Furthermore, I have a certificate in Physical Therapy and Exercise from Toronto University, so prevention and creating exercise programmes is  something I enjoy working on. 

I have also participated in many seminars and presented my own studies. My experience working in primary and secondary care dealing with complex conditions, as well as working with children with neurological conditions make me a dedicated and expert professional to conduct assessments and diagnose. 

In my free time I enjoy swimming, I was professional swimmer and member of the National Swimming Team of Greece, and later I had the honour to become their Physiotherapist.